What should you do?

Get rid of extra sugar sources – sugar beverages, sweet packaged juices, packaged food, fast food etc. Do check for the sugar content in ingredients list of the packaged food you consume and keep those to minimum.

Keep your insulin levels low, naturally through food. Its insulin that causes weight gain by affecting the normal function of hormone leptin (a hormone that makes you feel full) and hence making you eat more, adding extra unwanted calories. Consume whole food, the food with complex carbohydrates and add include fibre in your food.

Include physical activities in your daily schedule. This may not necessarily mean a heavy workout; a light walk for 20-30 mins, a yoga session, swimming, cycling, or any of your favorite outdoor sport can also do the job. This also reduces stress, keeping the level of Cortisol hormone low. High level of Cortisol, as caused by Stress, is also a major reason behind increased obesity and other health issue.

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How can we help you?

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